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Workshop Safety & Certification

Required prior to reserving shop time at NESTL
$25.00 suggested donation

Sunday, AugXX// 12:30 – 2:30pm

Want to use the NESTL Workshop? This is your one-stop class to get certified on shop safety and the larger machines.

Learn best practices for the planer, jointer, bandsaw, SawStop table saw, miter saw, drill press, and dust collection system – plus how to work safely in a community space.

Our seasoned, skilled NESTL workshop stewards will be teaching this informative and empowering class. All skill levels are welcome – this is a safe space to ask questions and feel comfortable.

Please come a little early so we can get started on time, and dress in clothes that are not too loose and that you don’t mind getting dirty.

Please stop by, call or email us sign up for this class. What might a limit for the class size?
We look forward to hearing from you!

Here is some videos to prepare you with shop safety,  and how to use the table saw safely in the shop. The table saw is one of the most dangerous tools in the shop, therefore it’s very important that you watch most or all of those videos before your class/shop introduction. It’s not a tool to be afraid of, but one you’ll approach more confidently and knowledge what to expect from by going through those videos:

– On SawStop(table saw) fundamentals/safety

-On table saw usage/safety, workshop safety:

-On table saw kickback