PLEASE do not leave donations outside of the Tool Library when not open.

At this time we are only accepting tools on our wishlist. If you are trying to find a home for tools not listed here, we encourage you to get in touch with other Tool Libraries or check out our Resources page.

We also appreciate new and readily consumable goods, like sanding belts and sharp blades, if they fit the tools we have. For instance: you bought some collated nails to use with the nail gun and have some left over? We’ll give them to the next person that borrows the tool so they can use them!

We ask that donated tools be in working order and non-gasoline powered. If they are battery powered, we ask they have at least 1 working battery and the charger.

Power Tools
Portable Benchtop Planers, 10-12 inches
Portable Joiners, 6-6 ½ inches
Portable Table Saws
Portable Band saws
Grinders, Right Angle, 7 and 4 ½”
Electric Hand Planers
Oscillating Multi-Tools
Worm Drive Circular Saws, 71/4”, 10” 12”
Random Orbit Sanders, Hook and Loop (Velcro) pad
Roto-Hammers, SDS Plus and SDS Max
Roto-Hammer Bits, SDS Plus and SDS Max
Dremel Tools
Forstner Drill Bit Sets
Router Bit Sets
Floor sanders
Inspection Cameras
Electric Lawn Mowers
Electric Extension (pole) Hedge Trimmer
Electric Tillers
Electric Carpet Cleaners
Insulation Blowing Machine
Jawsaw (electric)
Pneumatic Tools
Mini Induction Heater

Hand Tools
PEX Plumbing Tools
Folding Saw Horses
Balpeen Hammers
Deep well socket sets
Extension Ladders over 18ft
Orchard Ladders
Soil pH testers
Log Splitter
The Extractigator (http://www.extractigator.com/)

Library Items

Safety/misc. Items
1st aid kit & supplies
Chemical spill kit
Emergency kit (power outages)
Hearing protection
Respirators, dust masks
Heavy Duty Plastic Shelving, the pop-a-part kind

Ceiling Fan

Any weird or unique or old tools!




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