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Searching for a New Home.



Dear Tool Library Members and Friends,

We’ve known since we began the library that our time in the present building would be limited, and now we must move forward into a new home. Our lease is set to expire one year from now and we are asking every tool library member to help us in the search.

Our goal is to find a location close to where we are now, with at least as much space as we have now, hopefully more. We’d love to have a little more elbow room to host events and classes.  Our steering committee will be beginning the process, and at some point soon will be asking for help to refine a vision for the future tool library, scout locations, connect with potential partnering organizations, develop resources and communicate with each other about how it’s going. We will also be inviting you to consider a volunteer role in the process or joining our leadership.

We will continue to serve our membership and the community during this process. You can expect the same hours and business as usual. Our hope going forward is to create a smooth transition so we can continue to share tools and community in our current and our future space.

The NE Seattle Tool Library was started with the hope that by sharing common resources we could both lighten our collective environmental footprint and save a few dollars in the process. What we didn’t anticipate was the camaraderie that would be created among library users, staff and volunteers. It is our fervent hope that we can retain and enhance that sense of community as we relocate, developing an even stronger one in the process.

There’s more information to come, but in the meantime, send any comments or ideas you have to: nestlmove@gmail.com

All the best,

NESTL Steering Committee

Ken Yu, Debra Morrison, Dave Gifford, Lee LaCroix, Joel Gregory, Susan Gregory, Shannon Roberts, Mike Murphy, Chris Lemmon and Jim Gagnon