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New Years, a Time to Huzzah

By Charlize Theirown the Champagne Flute

There it is, another once around. And this little champagne flute is as gassed as a tinkerer in a toolshed to have made it through.

Me, I spent my 2020 hidden in a dark corner of the Tool Library, just waiting for someone to celebrate something. But nary a sip of bubbly did I carry all year. I guess there wasn’t enough to celebrate. New Year’s Eve, the single most rambunctious night of the calendar for a fine flute such as myself, courageously approaches, threatening to end this celebration-less year. Yet I suspect to spend the night boxed up with my other flutes, empty as a pandemic-era stadium. In fact, I’d put dollars to Dom Perignon that most of our sweet members wouldn’t even think of me as a tool at all, let alone expect to find me at their very own Tool Library. Well bullfeathers to that!  I am a tool, albeit a radiantly elegant one. I am a saw of social anxiety. A hammer of monotony. The sandpaper of the rough edges of the day. I am a vessel of Liquid Huzzah! So borrow me from the NE Seattle Tool Library and celebrate! And huzzah! For Celebration and Huzzah are tools every craftsperson could use right now.

Cheers, L’chaim, Salud, Kanpai, Prost, Saude, Geonbae, Skal, Gesondheid,