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Meet a Tool #4

By Lee the Laser Level

Have you ever Witnessed the swift dissent of the Osprey? What about the agile attack of a lion? Have you examined the edge of a naturally formed crystal or the perfect path of a raindrop? Precision is all around us and though we cannot always measure it with the naked eye, we know it when we see it. The straightness of a sunray reflecting off the sea or the flatness of a still lake on a windless day. And to be part of that precision, to be a vessel that might usher in such exactness, that is a cleanliness known only by Gods, and a few lucky tools. 

The danger of striving for such perfection of course is in the near miss. No one faults the splatter painter for painting over the line. The abstractionist causes no anger for a squiggle. But the tiler, with all her tiles in parallel but for one eccentric square akimbo? She casts a sin upon a surface that allows the viewer to see nothing but that askew ceramic. 

I am not the lion or the raindrop. I am not the sea nor the lake. I am the stillness of the hunt, I am the swift dive. I am not the perfection. I am the trick of the eye that allows a catch of the perfect found in the illusion of light. I am the dispeller of eccentricity. I am a laser level. Borrow me from the NE Seattle Tool Library and glimpse the precision that is everything.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MwCJpEuC44

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