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It Takes One to Build One

By Tracy the Table Saw

Sometimes you need a flashlight to find a flashlight, your glasses to see where you put your glasses. Sometimes it takes a knife to open the packaging on a new knife. Or maybe you need some food to help make the decision of where to get food. But right now, at this moment, you don’t need a flashlight or a knife. You just ate a snack and you know what, you don’t even wear glasses. No, what you need now is a table. You need a place to set down your glasses and to eat your food. An object to hold your other objects. That’s where I come in. I am a table saw. I can rip a board right down the middle then I can turn it sideways and crosscut the wood in half the other way. I can take an ⅛ of inch off a 2×2 as well as any planer out there. I can give you a 1” deep groove straight as a pipe. Now I know I am not the table you think you need. You think you need a table to gather around, to break bread at, to eat and drink and discuss and live at. I am not that table. I am a table with a blade that rotates at 3,450 rotations per minute. What I am is the table that can make that table. So borrow me from the NE Seattle Tool Library because sometimes it takes a table to make a table.