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Hi, I’m Your New Coordinator!

*I’m not the baby

Hello dear Tool Library community! My name is Josh and I am your humble new tool librarian, AKA, coordinator. A bit about me you ask? Well sure. I’m originally from upstate New York, grew up mostly in Boulder, Colorado, went to college outside of LA, and I have called Seattle home for the last 12 years. I first became a member of the Tool Library a few years ago while my partner and I converted our garage into a loft apartment (check out the pics). We were very happy not to have to buy scaffolding and a cement mixer, along with many other tools we borrowed. I used to manage the Cascade People’s Center (a community and environmental education center near downtown). I have been a professional camper, potter, and sandwich master. I raise vegetables, chickens, bees, and an 11 month-old cherub named Cedar. I can’t wait to help you get what you need to get your job done!

Josh Epstein

Before the Tool Library

After the Tool Library