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Give the Gift of 10,000 Tools

Buy a NE Seattle Tool Library Gift Membership for a family member, friend, random passerby, or arch nemesis and get your next tool rental FREE!*
*All rentals are free anyway, that’s why we call it a “loan” and not a rental. But seriously, buy a gift membership for a person you like next time you’re at the library. Matter of fact, do this for everyone you know and then your holiday shopping is done! Plus, it’s good for the environment, it will save them money all year, and they don’t have to find a place to put another box of Settlers of Catan!
Secondly, we have just established The Library Gift Emporium. This is an area in the library from which we will sell beautiful hand-crafted objects made and donated by our talented members with all proceeds benefiting the Tool Library. So, if you make elegant stained-glass portraits of the characters from Game of Thrones, or maybe you whittle long-handled ladles, let us know! And, if you want a stained-glass portrait of Daenerys Targaryen, daughter of King Aerys II Targayen, then come on down to The Library Gift Emporium!

Library will be closed for fundraiser Tool Sale Saturday Sept 30th 9am-3pm