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The Tool Library Bike Shack

New and improved Bike Shack!
The new Bike Shack space!

The NE Seattle Tool Library “Bike Shack” is a  bicycle workshop space and service for the community.  It is well staffed by experienced volunteers who can help you learn how to keep your ride safely on the road. Call ahead if you are going to need some help. Tool Library membership is encouraged but not required to use the Bike Shack.


The Tool Library Bike Shack has been a bit chilly this Winter! We’ve had some fun growing into our the new space and helping our ‘wrenchers’ out!

Come warm it up with your needed spring bicycle adjustments!

Our volunteers, Andy and Jeff have years of bicycle repair and diagnostic experience

The Bike Shack is open during all our regular hours, though it can help to call ahead for an assessment….

or if we decide to go for a ride…


We have most of the standard bicycle shop tools plus many of the repairable and replaceable parts and maintenance needs covered.  If its a flat tire or a bottom bracket install, or if you want to overhaul your hubs. Come on in and we will help you do the work if needed, and learn as much as you can or are able to in the process.

-a former volunteer