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We have recently acquired a new Cider Press! It is here ready to crush the juice right out of your summer and fall apple harvests. Get Pumped!  AND, in light of having the new press, we are doing something new this year!   This summer and fall we will be making the press available here at the Tool Library for walk-in pressings. That’s right! Come on over any Saturday or Sunday , starting in August and going through the harvest season, and bring your apples and your growlers and jars and jugs and such,

Mmm, Delicious!
Mmm, Delicious!

and get your press on!

CONATINERS FOR CIDER (14lbs of apples = roughly 1 gallon of cider.)
CONTAINERS FOR MASH (trash bags, or 5 gallon buckets work.)
                  … all mash must be taken off site
RESERVOIR (under 10″ tall- as taller will not fit under press)
 optional: a funnel or pitcher for controlled pouring.

P.S.- CIDER PRESS VOLUNTEER?   If you are a Tool Library Volunteer and would like to  help out with the press this August, head on over to the googgle.doc sign-up sheet thingamabob and get your name down!  AND IF – you are an avid presser, or pressure enthusiast or even a beginner who would like to learn more about cider pressing  and you would like to start volunteering with us specifically for the press, we would be thrilled to have you on board.  Send us an email and we’ll get you signed up.