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Build a Trellis from Bike Wheels

Build a Trellis from Bike Wheels

The Bike Shack has some extra bike wheels they are ready to let go of. Here’s a fun project using old bike wheels. If you’re interested in some of the wheels, come by when the tool library is open and pick them up!

Materials needed:

4 bike wheels
Threaded rod- 3/8” 8’ long (Tacoma Screw Products)
Nuts and washers to fit threaded rod two nuts and two washers for each wheel that you use.
½ bag concrete mix plus large coffee can or other container
wire or cord to make guy wires

It helps to have two people working on this project! Basically you are going to fix the bike wheels on the threaded rod by using the nuts and washers to tighten the wheels down at whatever intervals you decide to place the wheels. My trellis is 5’ above ground, with the wheels spaced 12” apart. I put the bottom of the trellis in a concrete base (Large can filled with concrete) and steadied it with guy wires down to the corners of my raised bed.

Make marks on your threaded rod at the places you want to put your wheels. Place one nut and washer at one side of the first spot, then place the wheel above it. Screw on the second set of fasteners and tighten down. Repeat the process for the additional wheels. It’s a bit time consuming to screw on the additional nuts- because you have to go the length of the threaded rod.

Once you know where you want to put the trellis, dig a hole and place a coffee can or other can to hold the concrete. Mix up the concrete and place the trellis where you want it to be. Fill the can with concrete. You’ll want to steady the trellis temporarily with wood stakes to keep it straight up and down while the concrete dries.

Once the concrete is dry, you’ll see that the trellis is a little wobbly and you can use line or wire to steady it, either to the edges of a raised bed or to stakes ponded into the ground.

I planted peas the first two years by broadcasting seed underneath the first wheel. The peas went straight up and attached themselves to the spokes very nicely! This year I’m trying out tomatoes to see if the vines will grow up and through the wheels.