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Branches still around?

ugly blade

If you’ve got some branches hanging out from that storm this winter – that still need to be chopped – or you can’t make it to our next chainsaw class, maybe you should check out these effective pruning blades we have available for a reciprocating saw! Depending on the size of your work, this combination may actually be a better option than a chainsaw for clearing out those limbs.

They are 9″ long and can be used on branches that are 4″ in diameter. They fit into most reciprocating saws aka ‘sawzalls’ (and we recommend using a corded, though the cordless are handy.)



Here is a video showing more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTAYecWRb4A

Next Chainsaw Safety Classes

Simply stop into the library at around 10am or 1pm, each first Saturday of the month, and we will get you trained up on the use of our electric chainsaws. This participatory class runs 30-45 minutes and is required to check out this item from the library.

chainsaw safety

When : 1st Saturdays of each month at 10 am and 1 pm

Where: Workshop, NE Seattle Tool Library (10228 Fischer PL NE)

How Much: we ask for a $10 donation and that participants be members of the TL

The Chainsaw Safety Class is required to borrow a chainsaw from the tool library. To inquire further call (206) 524-6062, during our open hours, or email neseattletoollibrary@gmail.com

Workshop coming soon!!!

20190130_103157aWe have been working on getting our new woodworking shop open! We just have a few necessary upgrades and some up-to date safety training to do. Look for it to be open this Spring!

Wait-Hold List Items

Now we are well into our busy season during the spring and summer, some members may have noticed that some items listed as –

-in our online inventory, are not immediately available!

The wait list is created when someone would like to borrow an (or type of) item that is currently checked out, or that we have a limited number of -in stock. (ie. string trimmers in June) When an item is on this list, it can not be renewed. When such an item comes back, we call and/or email the next waiting member. They then have 2 of our open days to come pick up the item. After that time we move down the list. Expired holds must be re-submitted.

Below is a link to the items currently on hold, and the number of people waiting for them. If you need an item on this list please call or email us with your request, regardless of the item’s status online.