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Come Get Some Seeds!

It’s planting time, so come on over and check out our seed library for free seeds. Or maybe you have extras to donate for some other local gardener to enjoy!

Meet a Tool #5

Sam, a Cement Mixer

Hi, I’m Sam, I mix cement. It breaks my back, but it’s a living. Honestly, I don’t even mind it, I was built to mix. The hard part is getting rolled from one damn job site to another. These old wheels ain’t getting any younger and the bags of cement ain’t getting any lighter. But I ain’t complainin’. Old Sam’s got plenty more loads of concrete to dump. Just do me this one favor, don’t overload me. For gods’ sakes, I’ve got a 3.5 cubic foot capacity, tops. That’s like 4 or 5 bags depending on size, but some of you think I’m a freakin’ cement truck or somethin’ over here. But I ain’t complainin’, it’s a job. Borrow me at the NE Seattle Tool Library, it’ll keep a roof over my head.

Studfindr ★★★★☆, 548 reviews

Studfindr: Stop Searching, start nailing

Have you searched everywhere for your stud? Studfindr is the only dating app that goes out and finds the studs for you, and it’s free! We know that not every stud is right where you expect it to be, 16” on center and you don’t have time to go knocking on every wall in the world to find your stud to nail. Download Studfindr today and let us do the knocking for you. Premium “Deepscan” allows you to find studs with more depth, say behind two layers of drywall, or maybe hiding behind some plywood. Make meaningful connections with real studs with Studfindr. You’ve got shelves to install, mirrors to hang, sconces to ensconce, and you need a stud to do it right. Sudfindr is simple and fun. All done with one stud? Just swipe right to find a new stud. If you hear a beep, it’s a Match! Then you get to tap, nail or screw right into the perfect stud. Whether it’s a casual photo of your best friend, or you’re hanging a live edge oak shelf for the rest of your life, Studfindr can help you find the stud of your dreams.  Borrow Studfindr from the NE Seattle Tool Library today!