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Give the Gift of 10,000 Tools

Buy a NE Seattle Tool Library Gift Membership for a family member, friend, random passerby, or arch nemesis and get your next tool rental FREE!*
*All rentals are free anyway, that’s why we call it a “loan” and not a rental. But seriously, buy a gift membership for a person you like next time you’re at the library. Matter of fact, do this for everyone you know and then your holiday shopping is done! Plus, it’s good for the environment, it will save them money all year, and they don’t have to find a place to put another box of Settlers of Catan!
Secondly, we have just established The Library Gift Emporium. This is an area in the library from which we will sell beautiful hand-crafted objects made and donated by our talented members with all proceeds benefiting the Tool Library. So, if you make elegant stained-glass portraits of the characters from Game of Thrones, or maybe you whittle long-handled ladles, let us know! And, if you want a stained-glass portrait of Daenerys Targaryen, daughter of King Aerys II Targayen, then come on down to The Library Gift Emporium!


Take a comfortable yet energized position. Notice the wood in front of you. The rough texture covers the wood as anxiety covers the mind. Notice the bumps and grooves, but do not judge them. Simply notice that they are there. They are as much the wood as the smooth surface that lies beneath, waiting to be exposed. Now calmly and slowly pick me up and with your next exhale, place me on the wood. Your troubles can take a break now. As thoughts of tomorrow or yesterday drift into your mind, gently sand them away. No need to destroy these thoughts, but peacefully let the rough parts become smooth, so they don’t seem so troubling anymore. Notice how it is the very roughness of me that removes the roughness of the wood. Do not linger on just one spot. Gently inhale and feel the wood, and with your next exhale, firmly blow off the sawdust as well as any troubles on your surface. With this you reseal the polished wood and at the same time, the smoothness of your mind. Now inhale and borrow me at the NE Seattle Tool Library.

A plea to vote from twin knee pads

Dear Members, As knee pads, we know what it means to be used, pinned under the heavy knee of oppression. The builder thanks the hammer, they praise the drill and the driver, they admire the trusty level. But how often does one pause to exalt the knee pad, the quiet companion to the builder, steadfast and supportive. No, we are but a cushion used to soften the strain of the “real work,” performed by “real tools.” Well, my trustworthy members, let us be knelt on no more! No, we must stand and show our power! Let us vote and support the knees of our country! It is a privilege not everyone has, can we please not squander it on the floor of democracy!? And as you cast your ballots, remember this, our loyal Tool Library community: you are crafts people, you are citizens, but most importantly, you are MEMBERS! Your faithful servants,

Neil and Kneal, knee pads in arms

The Scythe

It was a year ago this Halloween and the fog hung so low and thick it clouded even the darkness itself. The Tool Library rooms and halls lay silent, its members hiding in their homes from the chilly night. Only Chad, our noble coordinator, sat alone at the front desk, replacing a belt on a carpet cleaner by a single fluorescent bulb. He remembered closing the big bay door against the wet October cold, but now the moon shown through the wide opening onto the already ghostly leaf blowers. He bravely went to re-shut the door, when a glisten caught his eye. A giant scythe now hung from a high hook by the shovels, swaying gently, though the night was breezeless. As he surveyed the new tool, an inventory number began to appear on its handle, 4968.

And to this day that scythe still hangs from the library wall, waiting, calling, urging you to borrow it. That is, if you dare…

“Meet a Tool”

Meet Susan the Circular Saw
On our first installment of “Meet a Tool” we would like you to please welcome Susan the Circular Saw to our community. Susan comes to us from a loving Seattle home which she not only lived in for many years, but also helped build. Susan likes ripping plywood, cutting 2”x4”s, and getting a nice sharp new blade. She works hard but also enjoys a day just “lazing about the shop.”

She hates scary movies that depict power tools in a negative light, but loves the new reality television series on treehouses. Her proudest work was helping with a two story deck with a spiral staircase. She will be joining our proud cohort of circular saws in the main room. Borrow her at the NE Seattle Tool Library!