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A plea to vote from twin knee pads

Dear Members, As knee pads, we know what it means to be used, pinned under the heavy knee of oppression. The builder thanks the hammer, they praise the drill and the driver, they admire the trusty level. But how often does one pause to exalt the knee pad, the quiet companion to the builder, steadfast and supportive. No, we are but a cushion used to soften the strain of the “real work,” performed by “real tools.” Well, my trustworthy members, let us be knelt on no more! No, we must stand and show our power! Let us vote and support the knees of our country! It is a privilege not everyone has, can we please not squander it on the floor of democracy!? And as you cast your ballots, remember this, our loyal Tool Library community: you are crafts people, you are citizens, but most importantly, you are MEMBERS! Your faithful servants,

Neil and Kneal, knee pads in arms