Wait List

Dehydrator (Excalibur) – 1
Electric Roto Tiller – 6
Ladder (Extension 28′) – 1
Ladder (Orchard 10′) – 1
Paint Stripper – 1
Pressure Washer – 27
Push DeThatcher – 2
Table Saw – 2

Wood Chipper/ Carpet Cleaner -These two items have recently come back to us as malfunctioning beyond our current ability to repair (or in the case if the wood chipper- rebuild) them. The lists will be frozen for the time being in case we find ourselves lucky enough to have another Carpet Cleaner and/or Wood Chipper donated at which time we would restart the lists. Regrettably, we must advise Library members that we waiting for these items to seek other means of getting projects done. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have replacements for these tools but unfortunately we can not offer any guarantees.

Numbers indicate people currently waiting. Some of these items we may have multiples of, so number may not indicate the exact number of weeks before an item may be available.

Please email neseattletoollibrary@gmail.com or call to be added to the waitlist.

Thank you for your patience!

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