FALL NEWSLETTER   * November the 13th, 2016

Hello and happy fall, to all you friends of the North East Seattle Tool Library.

It has been about 6 months since we started here as the new coordinators and took the reigns from the fantastic Sarah K., who was our mentor and coach through the process of defining our new roles here. Chris and I are very excited to be at the library and agree that half a year has just flown by and a whole lot of fun has been had getting to know our neighbors and our volunteers and getting to know the pace and the systems by which NESTL operates. We hope to make this library the best community resource that it can be as we move forward.

We have had the good fortune to come by a whole lot of new resources in the last few months. Some in the form of tools and consumables, and in some cases it has been new friends and volunteers of the NESTL. We are have gotten to the point where many of our new tool donations go to other tool libraries that we have built relationships with and with respect to the space crunch that we go through it has been quite a blessing to be able to share. There has also been some reorganization out on the floor that you may have noticed, ie. new shelves for new tools etc., (even a new laptop for sign up and check out)

New People around the NESTL have included some new volunteers, both giving there time during open hours and even some new folks at our Fixers Collective for which we are extremely grateful.

Some new things around the NESTL are: Random Orbit Sanders, A Paint Sprayer (+ nozzles), A Mitre Saw, and a large scale Wet Tile Saw – just to name a few…

And to name another…

Late this last summer and through the fall we have been having our Cider Press Event weekends where we had a cider press available for community use here in the lot at our location. This would not be possible with out the donation of what has become our second reliable in house press. It came to us via a friend of Chris who was kind enough to let us have it here through the season and when demand required, we could loan it out to folks as well.

power cider press  PressinGs

At first, cider pressing in the lot was just on Saturdays and then as interest grew, Sundays became a part of the press program as well. There have been some very busy weekends with crews of people out on the lot, some families and new friends helping each other and pressing easily hundreds, if not thousands, of gallons of cider.  There were as many as three presses going at once on some of the busier Saturdays

We are happy that it caught on as well as it did and we look forward to doing it again next year. We would also like to thank everyone who participated for taking such good care of the presses AND for helping to keep the lot clean- without that we couldn’t make it available at all so-Thanks a million for making it work…

(Oh, and thanks for all the cider samples as well!)

Those who joined us on Saturdays to press cider in the lot will have met a fantastic volunteer who donated the use of her own very sophisticated equipment and who totally changed the game as far as what people who came out to press could accomplish by sharing her expertise and enthusiasm for cider pressing and building community!

THREE CHEERS FOR JANE!!!   HOORAYYyy Hoorayyyy hoooraaaayyyyyy !  (*firecrackers* *confetti* *the works*)

Thanks Jane! We couldn’t have done it with out you!

As many of you already know, we are moving. In about one year from now our lease will expire, and though we are sad to leave our current location we are looking forward to having a new spot that will be able to help us become a better library. This may mean more space, or more convenience, but above all our goals are centered around being able to serve the community better. Whether this means we do so with classroom/event space or an accessible workshop space or both, as well as where we do so, will depend on the search process.  If you are interested in participating in the effort to relocate or have any information you would like to share or questions you would like to ask please email at (please not this email address is new and just for notices about the move, all other library questions can be sent to our regular email shown below.)

THE PROJECT GALLERY It has been a goal of the NESTL to start a photo gallery Project Gallery of member submitted text and photos of cool stuff made with items around the library. With luck we will have a resource of info and inspiration to all the DIYers, makers and fixers in our community… and what time better now?!

MEMBER PROJECT * (The very First!!!) !

Amy Coffman – Cribbage Board
For her job, Amy repairs musical instruments which, is awesome and mostly metalwork but she enjoys many other crafts like sewing, cooking, and crocheting. Here we have her Cribbage Board, on which she put her own interesting spin. In her words:

Blank Board  cozylilpegs   folded HBDC

– I made this cribbage board for a friend’s birthday. He’s from Minnesota, and cribbage is very popular in his family. He only had a 2-player board, so I decided to make one with room for 3.

-It’s a folding board that keeps score for three players, and has storage for cards and pegs inside.

-I used some leftover wood from an Ikea shelf cut to length, a small hinge and clasp, and a broken screwdriver shaft for the pegs. I used wood stain for the sides and interior, nail polish to color the pegs, and clear enamel spray paint for the finish.

-Table saw, sanding block, drill press, wood burning pencil, router, metal file, and a jeweler’s saw.

-I think it took about 3-4 weeks total, spending a few hours as I had each tool.

MEMBER PROJECT  (volunteer edition!)

Nicole Edge – Record Bookcase
When I first moved to Seattle back in June, I wanted to build a new bookshelf for my apartment and needed to branch out from the basic tools I brought with me. I started looking for used tools online and came across the tool library. You guys had a few biscuit joiners listed on the website, so I stopped in and signed up. It was a pretty busy Saturday and the coordinators definitely had their hands full! Being new to the city, I was looking for ways to get involved and volunteering seemed like a good opportunity to help out with such a cool project.


My background is in sculpture and I’ve been working with wood to build simple furniture for several years. Professionally, I work as an Art Handler for Artech (a local Fine Art Services Company) where I get to pack, transport and install artwork all over the city. For my next project, I’m planning to borrow a grinder to start repairing an old fiberglass kayak that was rescued from the rubble heap. Wish me luck!

From the tool library, I used the biscuit joiner, bar clamps and a few hand planes to trim the edge banding. I also used my own table saw, router, and sander, but all that could have easily been borrowed, too!

You can check out the bookcase and more detailed project notes here:

If you are working on a project and would like to share it with our community send us an email with “Project Gallery” in the subject line and some photos of what you have been working on. (Please limit submissions to include only things that you have uses tools or appliances from the NESTL.)  Thanks!

So,  in closing…

From Mike-   I’d like to say thanks, to our members, our volunteers, and my new buddy Chris for making the last six months so much fun and so informative.  Thanks everyone!

From Chris-   I’m having a fantastic time here at NESTL.  I really enjoy working our volunteers, helping our members, and the weekend cider pressing festival has been a blast.  Don’t hesitate to come visit me at my studio/shop, 75th and 33rd Ave NE, look for the chevy pick-up with the metal art rack.

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